More Snow?

January 29th, 2014 at 11:49 am by under Weather
National Snowfall Map (NOAA)

National Snowfall Map (NOAA)

Take a look at the national snowfall map. One thing you may notice is that there is more snow across the southeastern U.S. than across the 10,000 foot level of the Sierra Nevada. Wow, talk about an odd winter.

Upcoming Snowfall?

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked anytime there may or may not be snow in the forecast. People now have a myriad of ways to get information. The problem is that many are not the best or most accurate and are nothing more than rumors started by someone on Facebook or Twitter. Here’s the latest thinking on two upcoming snow chances for our area.

Futurecast snowfall accumulation for Thursday night through Friday Morning

Futurecast snowfall accumulation for Thursday night through Friday Morning

Our next snowfall chance will be another ‘clipper’ type system which could bring another inch or two of snow from Thursday evening through Friday morning. Here’s some early projections from Futurecast.

The second and more potent storm will be Friday night and Saturday. While there is a lot of moisture with this storm I still believe there is a lot of uncertainty as well. First and foremost is where the freezing line will be and how much of this system will be rain for us and how much will be snow. The European is still projecting a large amount of snowfall but nearly half of the moisture falls as rain. The new GFS or American model puts us just on the freezing line and has about .20″ of rain and a similar amount of snow. So we will continue tracking these two systems.

Right now next week looks quiet, and for you Superbowl fans the forecast is partly sunny and a high of 46 F. So much for the Farmer’s Almanac super storm that was going to fill the stadium with snow.


5 Responses to “More Snow?”

  1. mike says:

    I’d be careful saying next week looks quiet, models have a superstorm just missing us, if it changes track we get dumped on. Also that same system will probably roll into New York late next week, almanac missed it by about 5-7 days not bad prediction published a year out.

    1. Greg Shoup says:

      You might want to read our story on the Almanac which also predicted we would be above average in temperatures for January. Not only were we below average but we had the top ten coldest Januaries on record.

  2. Alex says:

    Everyone is saying that there will be some freak storm next week and will drop 10″ on us. I see on the weather channel that it is an 80% chance of snow tuesday… but how could they possibly know that it will be +10″? I see no REAL evidence of that. Care to talk about next week?

  3. John says:

    Obviously you were a bit conceited as usual, degraded other forecasts which called tomorrow’s storm long before you did (while you were still saying it would probably miss Fort Wayne) and now we are suppose to get 6-10″ of snow. What a meteorologist Greg Shoup. Keep up the great work as usual…….not.

    1. Greg Shoup says:

      We have had snow in the forecast since last week. I believe what was frustrating to all of all were the rumors of 30″of snow. Sorry you misunderstood our frustration about the rumors of unbelievable snowfall. We’ve been forecasting this storm for the last 7 days. It is not the biggest storm we’ve seen all season but it seems folks are so bent out of shape about it. Thanks again for your comment