After the snow, cold follows…

February 5th, 2014 at 9:46 pm by under Weather

While we can check falling snow off of our “weather worries” list for the next couple of days, we have some other weather factors to focus on.  These include the potential for additional blowing/drifting snow plus another blast of cold.

Some continued blowing and drifting of the snow that’s already on the ground will still occur tonight into tomorrow.  However, our gusty winds diminish tonight.  Earlier today, we had gusts just over 30 mph.  There’s certainly plenty of snow to blow around out there.

9.7″ of snow has fallen since the snow began on Tuesday.  6.2″ of that snow has fallen today…setting a new record snowfall for this date.  The previous record was 5.0″ in 1967.  This winter (Dec.-Feb.) is now ranked as the 2nd snowiest in Fort Wayne history.

WIND CHILL ALERT: Colder air is moving in tonight and lows will be down to near 0° Thursday morning with wind chill values as cold as -20°.   On Friday morning, air temps will be just below zero with wind chills again as cold as -20°.

If you’d like to see our snow melt away, you’ll have to keep waiting.  There are 0 days in our 7-Day Forecast that have temps above the freezing mark.

4 Responses to “After the snow, cold follows…”

  1. Rose Clark says:

    Thanks Nicolas.

    1. Glad you dropped by to read the posting! Thanks for watching!

  2. cheryl markiton says:

    White text on a white banner for the wind chill alert on TV. Really?

    1. Hi, Cheryl. Thanks for alerting us. Our computer reverted to an incorrect setting. We’ve corrected the issue thanks to your help.