Our entire area now under severe weather threat

July 14th, 2014 at 8:39 am by under Weather


Storm Prediction Center Slight Risk Area (NWS)

Storm Prediction Center Slight Risk Area (NWS)

Our entire area has been added to the Storm Prediction Center’s Slight Risk for severe storms.

Storm Risk Assesment

Storm Risk Assessment

The biggest threat will be for gusty thunderstorm winds of over 60 mph. There is also a small risk for large hail, but the primary risk is for gusty winds this afternoon. A powerful cold front will move through our area late this afternoon and this evening producing thunderstorms and some of these gusty winds. Best timing of these thunderstorms are from about 6 pm to 8 pm tonight.

3 Responses to “Our entire area now under severe weather threat”

  1. KevinH says:

    Once again nothing happened..barely any rain fell. The last two times we had severe weather predicted both times the storms completed fizzed out before arriving. Not that I am complaining. I prefer not to have severe weather but lately the weather seems to be doing the exact opposite of what you guys are forecasting.

    1. Greg Shoup says:

      Kevin, not exactly the case. Although severe weather hasn’t panned out each and every time it is predicted the thought here is that if we have the parameters present for severe weather we need to let people know about them. No, it won’t happen every time but we believe it’s more valuable to have that knowledge ahead of time. As far as the forecast I believe we were telling you about this very cool air over a week ago. You might want to go back and look at some of our blog posts.

      1. KevinH says:

        Oh I follow your blog religiously. :) You guys do a great job. Just making a general statement that the last two severe events predicted by the NWS hasn’t panned out and I am thankful for that. I would rather have just rain showers over severe weather any day of the week.