Rain comes and leaves quickly

July 23rd, 2014 at 8:36 am by under Weather
Doppler estimated rainfall through 8am Wenesday 7/23/14

Doppler estimated rainfall through 8am Wenesday 7/23/14

For the most part a rather meager rainfall for most areas. However, there were some places that did see more rain. The lighter green on this map indicates those areas of heavier rainfall. Over an inch just east of Fort Wayne in Paulding county, Ohio. Decatur and Berne seeing healthy rainfall totals of .75″. This month will most likely end with a rainfall deficit unless there is significant rain over the weekend and right now our forecast solutions are not really showing higher rainfall totals.


3 Responses to “Rain comes and leaves quickly”

  1. Karen Bullinger says:

    I live just east of Convoy, OH, (northwestof Van Wert)and I recdeived 1.6 inches of rain this morning.

    1. Greg Shoup says:

      Thanks Karen,

      We noted that on the radar this morning. Also if you look at the graphic above it shows there was an area of very heavy rainfall in northwest Ohio as well. I’m sure there are not too many complaints there as it has been so dry.

  2. KevinH says:

    It rained so hard on the west side of Bluffton the rain was coming down sideways. It poured for a good 20 minutes before it started to subside.