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Weekend snow update

January 23rd, 2015 at 7:04 pm by under Weather

Everything’s on track for a significant weekend snowfall.Blog 3

Saturday’s conditions will be relatively quiet with just on/off snow showers during the day and only a coating/dusting of snow on the ground by day’s end.

Saturday's snow forecast

Saturday’s snow forecast

By Sunday morning, though, snow will be more widespread and will be falling at a stronger intensity.  This snow will continue through the day, potentially without many breaks.  3″-5″ are possible by Sunday night as the snow winds down.  More snow (1″ or less) will be possible on Monday.

Sunday's snow forecast

Sunday’s snow forecast

The new GOES-R satellite

January 22nd, 2015 at 9:41 pm by under Weather

Launching in just over a year, in March 2016, NOAA/NASA’s new weather satellite, the GOES-R (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite R-Series) will provide improved views and analysis of weather here on earth.

Plus, there’s a Fort Wayne connection. ITT Exelis builds the components of these satellites right here. In fact, the company notes that, “Exelis has built every imager and sounder onboard the GOES satellite series (15 completed to date).”

Check out these links to learn more:
Official NOAA/NASA GOES-R page
Exelis and GOES-R

The reason behind rain’s smell potentially discovered

January 21st, 2015 at 9:15 pm by under Weather

As we sit here in January, in the midst of winter, it’s hard to imagine a warm spring, summer or fall day after rain has just fallen. While the rain, itself, doesn’t necessarily conjure up positive thoughts in people, the smell in the air that comes as a result of the rain often does.

Researchers at MIT say the source of rain’s distinctive smell has been a long-standing mystery, but believe they’ve now figured it out. Their explanation is captured in this cool slow-motion video.

Updated snow forecast

January 20th, 2015 at 7:14 pm by under Weather

As the snow approaches the area tonight, starting to fall before midnight, I wanted to share with you our latest snow outlook.

The incoming snow will be lightly accumulating from tonight through the day on Wednesday.  It likely will be falling more commonly from Fort Wayne and northward, although occasional snow will still fall south of Fort Wayne throughout the day and into the night.

Accumulations will add up to 1″ or less by the end of the day.  So, not much to shovel, but certainly enough to cause some slick driving conditions.

New snow totals through Wednesday

New snow totals now through Wednesday


Earthquakes…in Connecticut?

January 15th, 2015 at 9:52 pm by under Weather

Yes, it’s true.  A small area within eastern Connecticut has experienced 12 earthquakes over the past 7 days.

Earthquake activity over the last 7 days.  (Credit: USGS)

Earthquake activity over the last 7 days. (Credit: USGS)

This is certainly not a common occurrence.   The United States Geological Survey (USGS), which monitors earthquake activity, says Connecticut is in “a region of very minor seismic activity, even when compared to other States in the northeast region”.

Check out the clip below to learn more about this unusual uptick in earthquakes in the eastern US.  There’s also more information posted here.

Freezing fog created some beautiful views

January 14th, 2015 at 10:08 pm by under Weather

Patches of fog on Tuesday night, teamed with below freezing temperatures, resulted in the occurrence of freezing fog and a coating of ice on many surfaces, including trees.  As a result, we got a lot of great photos after sunrise of beautiful winter scenes across the area.

4 of my favorites are posted below…but, you can see the complete gallery of all our January weather photo submissions here.

And, if you have any photos to share, please send them using our new (and FREE) WANE WX app.  Photos can also be sent online using Report It.

A winter comparison…

January 13th, 2015 at 10:01 pm by under Weather

I’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to see more comparisons of our winter this year to what we experienced last year.  I shared some comparison info in my post yesterday and I’ve got another interesting fact for you today.

A comparison of winter days with below zero temps year-to-year

A comparison of winter days with below zero temps year-to-year

As we look ahead to temps dropping below 0° yet again tonight, I’ve crunched the numbers and have realized that, while our winter so far is already much different than last year’s pounding of snow and cold, we actually are set to surpass last year’s number of days to date that had below zero temps.  Last year had 4 days that saw mercury drop below 0° by January 14 and, now that we’ve gone below zero before midnight and be there overnight, we’ll have 5 dates on the calendar with subzero temps to date (and they’ve all happened within the past week).

We certainly still have a long way to go to catch up to last year’s below zero totals, though.  The season ended up having 19 days that recorded below zero temps.

Remember last year?

January 12th, 2015 at 9:44 pm by under Weather

Let me start off first by sharing some of our most recent, and highest, snow totals from across the area picked up during last night-today’s snowfall:

Updated snow totals from Sunday night - Monday's snowfall

Updated snow totals from Sunday night – Monday’s snowfall

Are you wondering how this year’s snow totals are stacking up to what we saw last year?

Well, if you remember, last year’s snow season saw a total of 74.7″ of snow – more than double our 33.5″ annual average snowfall – and it was our 2nd snowiest year on record.

Comparing last year's snowfall to what we've picked up this year.  Yearly snowfall is calculated using a July-June calendar.

Comparing last year’s snowfall to what we’ve picked up this year. Yearly snowfall is calculated using a July-June calendar.

Our Live Doppler 15 Fury Winter Outlook called for near average snow for this snow season and we’re right on target.  So far 14.3″ of snow have fallen through today (1/12) which puts us only 0.1″ below average for snowfall season to date.  Last year, by this time, we had already accumulated more than double the snowfall we’ve seen this year.

More cold and snow

January 9th, 2015 at 11:27 pm by under Weather

The forecast remains wintry for the weekend.

Saturday morning begins with intense wind chill values around -25° as you get up and about early in the day.  Air temps at daybreak will be around -7°.

Predicted wind chills at 6 am Saturday

Predicted wind chills at 6 am Saturday

No new snow is expected on Saturday.  But, it’s a different story on Sunday.  A storm system tracks in from the south and brings snow from mid-afternoon that will last into Monday.  2″-4″ of new snow are expected to be on the ground by Monday morning.

Thursday night update

January 8th, 2015 at 7:58 pm by under Weather

Snow continues to fall tonight, lightening up in intensity and then scattering out from most spots by morning.  Winds will remain gusty tonight from the southwest (up to 40 mph) and tomorrow (up to 30 mph), which will result in blowing and drifting snow making travel difficult across the area.

Snow forecast for 1/8-1/9

Snow forecast for Thu 1/8- Fri 1/9

The latest update to our snowfall map puts Fort Wayne and areas south in the 1″-3″ range, while areas north pick up 2″-4″.  Not only will these areas north pick up a little more snow than Fort Wayne tonight, but they are also more likely to see some lake effect snow on Friday.  Lake effect amounts are included in the 2″-4″ Thu/Fri total.

Friday’s temps and wind chills remain intensely low.  The day starts off with a temp of around 5° by 9 am and temps will gradually fall as the day goes along.  With winds remaining high, wind chill values will fall to levels well below zero by afternoon and evening.