Significant temp change Tuesday

September 29th, 2014 at 7:42 pm by under Weather

Earlier today, Rob blogged about the incoming cold front that will bring us some scattered morning rain chances and some cooler air, too.  As we continue to track the front this evening, it’s becoming clearer that the cold air coming behind this front is going to cause our temps to fall even more significantly on Tuesday.

A cold front moving through tonight will bring an end to our warm, sunny days.

A cold front moving through tonight will bring an end to our warm, sunny days.

Take note of the colder air spotted to our northwest Monday night.  While evening temps were in the 70s here in Fort Wayne, temps were in the upper 50s in Minneapolis.

Temp Snapshot from approx. 7 PM Monday

Temp Snapshot from approx. 7 PM Monday

Our Tuesday forecast starts out with morning temps in the mid 50s and we won’t warm all that much from there.  This is due to the cold air moving in, plus the morning sprinkles and cloudy skies.  Some sunshine will peek out during the afternoon, though, which will allow temps to reach a few degrees above 60.  It’ll feel a whole lot different than the highs that have been around 80° over the past few days.

Tuesday Afternoon High Temps

Tuesday Afternoon High Temps

Pattern changes this week

September 29th, 2014 at 11:27 am by under Weather

Our forecast has been stuck on repeat since the end of last week. Unusually strong and persistent high pressure over the Eastern U.S. made for a mostly sunny and warm weekend. Our work week is starting off on the same note today with plenty of sunshine and temperatures topping off around 79° in Fort Wayne (our average high should be 70° for this time of year). But, we’ve got some changes in store for the rest of this week, including a temperature roller coaster ride and some rain chances.

First things first – rain chances. A weak cold front will track through the Great Lakes and Midwest tonight, bringing more clouds and just the chance for a passing sprinkle or two. The bulk of the moisture looks to stay to our north, so most folks will remain dry. You may still see a passing sprinkle for your Tuesday morning commute, but this will be short-lived as the front quickly exits to our east. High pressure settles in for the second half of the day on Tuesday and will stick around through the first half of the day on Thursday. Then an approaching cold front arrives and brings the chance for scattered showers and storms, beginning Thursday afternoon and continuing into Friday morning. Some rain may be heavy as this front passes through, with up to 1″ of rain possible. Behind that system, a weak upper-level disturbance will bring the chance for a passing shower during the upcoming weekend, though rain won’t be nearly as widespread as Thursday night and Friday morning.

The best chance for rain this week will be Thursday afternoon into Friday morning.

The best chance for rain this week will be Thursday afternoon into Friday morning.

Next – a temperature roller coaster ride. As I mentioned, the average high for this time of year should be 70°. We’ll be close to 10° above average today, but tomorrow will be a different story. While the cold front that passes through tonight and very early tomorrow morning will be weak in terms of moisture, it will have a cool breeze behind it that will keep our temperatures from climbing much on Tuesday. Highs will only top off in the low 70s. Wednesday will be warmer thanks to sunshine. Thursday will be back up to near 80° thanks to a warm, moist breeze ahead of an approaching front. With the passage of that front, combined with some lingering showers, temperatures will only climb into the upper 60s on Friday. We’ll contend with a cold and gusty northwest wind next weekend, causing temperatures to struggle to make it above 60° by Saturday!

Cooling down tomorrow, warming midweek, followed by a bigger cool down towards the weekend.

Cooling down tomorrow, warming midweek, followed by a bigger cool down towards the weekend.

These pattern shifts are definitely more typical of fall in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio.

Beautiful sunrise and sunset

September 28th, 2014 at 4:26 pm by under Weather

The sunrises and sunsets over the last few days have been magnificent! We received numerous submissions via email and our Report!t feature of beautiful and vivid colors in the sky. Below you’ll find one from Gabe Wagoner near Rome City in Noble County. Click his picture to be directed to an online gallery of more pictures just like his from all over the viewing area. If you have pictures like his, click the Rerport!t link above to submit.

Gabe Wagoner - Rome City

Gabe Wagoner – Rome City

Wing Fest forecast

September 28th, 2014 at 10:50 am by under Weather

One of the things I love about Fort Wayne is the smorgasbord of festivals that go on. From GermanFest, RibFest, and Three Rivers Fest, to GreekFest, BaconFest, and Johnny Appleseed Fest, there’s always a reason to head downtown to celebrate with friends. Now we’ve got another one to add to the calendar – Wing Fest! The inaugural event kicks off today and noon and will feature wings from at least 10 different local eateries. The three main categories are: BBQ, Hot, and Exotic – all sound amazing to me! Our own Alyssa Ivanson will be a judge and will emcee the event today. The weather is looking good with plenty of sunshine and highs in the upper 70s. You may want to take a light jacket if you’re heading out this evening, but otherwise, today looks like a fantastic day to get downtown and grab some wings…and, of course, napkins :)

Things are looking great for Wing Fest today with mostly sunny skies and comfy temps.

Things are looking great for Wing Fest today with mostly sunny skies and comfy temps.

Persimmon seed forecast?

September 27th, 2014 at 4:21 pm by under Weather

There are have been A LOT of weather folklore and signs of the seasons since the dawn of man: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Ring around the moon, rain will come soon. ETC. 

One of the “predictors” of the winter season that has been used for years is the shape of the coloring inside of a persimmon seed. The National Weather Service in Indianapolis shared this photo of one with the inside resembling a spoon. What does that mean for the winter? Below you’ll find what each item of silverware is said to represent.

If the center of the seed resembles a fork, the weather will supposedly be mild.

If the center of the seed resembles a knife, the winter will supposedly be icy.

If the center of the seed resembles a spoon, the winter will supposedly be snowy.

Source: NWS Indianapolis

Source: NWS Indianapolis


So, are we doomed into a cold and snowy winter? Other, more scientific data is currently showing a better chance for a colder than average winter.

Stay tuned for the official WANE winter forecast in the near future.

Weather history – how hurricane Hugo changed the way we watch hurricanes

September 27th, 2014 at 2:08 pm by under Weather

So here we are, at the tail end of what is typically the most active month during the Atlantic hurricane season. But, you probably haven’t heard much about hurricanes or even tropical storms in the news headlines. That’s because, as of today, we’ve only had 5 named storms – that’s about 3 named storms behind our average. The last hurricane season with this few number of storms was back in 1997.

I just rattled off a bunch of stats that the National Hurricane Center has been tracking since the 1960s and 1970s. But it really wasn’t until 1989 that Americans gained a different appreciation for them. Hurricane Hugo struck the Carolina coastline 25 years ago this month, going down in the record books as the most damaging hurricane ever (at the time). This storm captivated Americans and eventually gave them more insight into the damage that hurricanes can cause and how they are forecast by meteorologists. This storm, and the ones that followed (including Hurricane Andrew, Superstorm Sandy, and others) influenced the media on how we cover hurricanes today and what information is important for the viewers to see.

The Capital Weather Gang goes into further detail in this post from earlier this week. Check it out!

Visual satellite image of Hurricane Hugo on September 21, 1989 at 4:00 pm EST. (Image Courtesy: NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab)


Event forecasts

September 26th, 2014 at 6:03 pm by under Weather

Football fans…you have a great night tonight.  Temps will be in the 70s as games start, but will be in the low 60s by the time they end.  So, bring your light jackets to put on as temps fall.

Friday Night Football Forecast (Credit: MGN/WPBN-WTOM)

Overnight, patches of dense fog will develop again, which may slow travel to Fort4Fitness early in the morning.  Keep that in mind if you’ll be headed out to run/walk in the AM.  The fog will dissipate by mid-morning (9AM and onward) and the sky will become mostly sunny.  By afternoon, it will be a beautiful, mostly sunny day.

For the morning runners and walkers, you should plan on temps in the 50s, warming to near 70 by midday.

Your Fort4Fitness Forecast

Your Fort4Fitness Forecast



September still below average

September 26th, 2014 at 11:41 am by under Weather
Our average high for the last 25 days puts up at the 11th coolest on record. while our average low of 49 puts Fort Wayne at the 4th coolest low average temperatures during September

Our average high for the last 25 days puts up at the 11th coolest on record. while our average low of 49 puts Fort Wayne at the 4th coolest low average temperatures during September

While we have experienced some very nice days as of late we are still a bit behind the averages for September. This will obviously go up over the next few days but the last 25 days overall have been very cool with our average temperature the 11th coolest since weather has been recorded here and the average low of 49 the 4th coolest on record. If you thought we had a cool last three months you would have been correct as well. In fact, our average temperature of 78.7 degrees is 2.9 degrees below average and ties for the 8th coolest for this 3 month period.

So far this month we’ve had 5 days of 80 degree or higher days and 1 day which reached 90.

There have been 11 days of 70 degree plus days and 7 days of 60 degree plus. Meanwhile, there were 2 days in the 50s.

That adds up to 15 days of below average temperatures while 10 days were above average.

Last September had 11 days of 80 plus temperatures, where 2 days reached 95 and one day reached 90. 13 days had 70 degree or better temperatures while 6 days had 60 degree or better high temperatures.

So even though it has seemed very warm lately, in reality it’s been a very cool month so far.



September temperature swings

September 25th, 2014 at 9:30 pm by under Weather

From September 6th-19th (a 14-day time frame), Fort Wayne experienced below average high temps each day, including 2 days where highs were as low as 59°.  For some perspective, keep in mind the average high temperature range during this stretch is 80°-75°.

Just last week, I was posting about our 7 straight days of not reaching 70°.  Now, we’re on our way to an extended stretch of temps ABOVE 70° (and above average) for the remainder of our extended forecast.  We’re on day 2 of above average high temps and it’s a streak that will last, at least 9 days, through late next week and will even include a number of 80° highs across the area…not too shabby for late September.

Temps continue to rise as we get into the weekend.

Temps continue to rise as we get into the weekend.

After such a cool start to this month, these above average temps will help in attempting to balance out our average monthly temperature which is 62.4°, 3.1° BELOW average.

Transition to fall pattern next week

September 25th, 2014 at 11:38 am by under Weather

It’s hard to imagine that as we get into October our weather pattern will change drastically, especially after all of these nice days we’ve been experiencing. But don’t be lulled into thinking this weather will stick around past next week because by the end of the week we could be in for a significant change.

Next week will see a vigorous autumn weather system move through the lower 48 which will produce drastic changes. We will see the summer like jet stream which as persisted in giving most of the U.S. very mild and above average weather be forced to buckle and allow much cooler air across a vast majority of the states. This pattern could also bring some heavier rainfall to the area as the 8 to 14 outlook suggests.