September still below average

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Our average high for the last 25 days puts up at the 11th coolest on record. while our average low of 49 puts Fort Wayne at the 4th coolest low average temperatures during September

Our average high for the last 25 days puts up at the 11th coolest on record. while our average low of 49 puts Fort Wayne at the 4th coolest low average temperatures during September

While we have experienced some very nice days as of late we are still a bit behind the averages for September. This will obviously go up over the next few days but the last 25 days overall have been very cool with our average temperature the 11th coolest since weather has been recorded here and the average low of 49 the 4th coolest on record. If you thought we had a cool last three months you would have been correct as well. In fact, our average temperature of 78.7 degrees is 2.9 degrees below average and ties for the 8th coolest for this 3 month period.

So far this month we’ve had 5 days of 80 degree or higher days and 1 day which reached 90.

There have been 11 days of 70 degree plus days and 7 days of 60 degree plus. Meanwhile, there were 2 days in the 50s.

That adds up to 15 days of below average temperatures while 10 days were above average.

Last September had 11 days of 80 plus temperatures, where 2 days reached 95 and one day reached 90. 13 days had 70 degree or better temperatures while 6 days had 60 degree or better high temperatures.

So even though it has seemed very warm lately, in reality it’s been a very cool month so far.



September temperature swings

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From September 6th-19th (a 14-day time frame), Fort Wayne experienced below average high temps each day, including 2 days where highs were as low as 59°.  For some perspective, keep in mind the average high temperature range during this stretch is 80°-75°.

Just last week, I was posting about our 7 straight days of not reaching 70°.  Now, we’re on our way to an extended stretch of temps ABOVE 70° (and above average) for the remainder of our extended forecast.  We’re on day 2 of above average high temps and it’s a streak that will last, at least 9 days, through late next week and will even include a number of 80° highs across the area…not too shabby for late September.

Temps continue to rise as we get into the weekend.

Temps continue to rise as we get into the weekend.

After such a cool start to this month, these above average temps will help in attempting to balance out our average monthly temperature which is 62.4°, 3.1° BELOW average.

Transition to fall pattern next week

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It’s hard to imagine that as we get into October our weather pattern will change drastically, especially after all of these nice days we’ve been experiencing. But don’t be lulled into thinking this weather will stick around past next week because by the end of the week we could be in for a significant change.

Next week will see a vigorous autumn weather system move through the lower 48 which will produce drastic changes. We will see the summer like jet stream which as persisted in giving most of the U.S. very mild and above average weather be forced to buckle and allow much cooler air across a vast majority of the states. This pattern could also bring some heavier rainfall to the area as the 8 to 14 outlook suggests.

Fireballs in the sky

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Last night, we received this report from Jim A. of Decatur:

“[It was] the largest shooting star display I have ever seen. It started as a single object in the North sky, slightly west of north, coming down at about a 50 degree angle from the horizon. It broke up just before it dropped below where the trees cut off my view.”

Jim was wondering if it was a shooting star or space junk burning up in the atmosphere.

Well, it turns out, the show was caused by fireballs in the atmosphere.  Fireballs are simply very bright meteors (described by NASA as being brighter than the planet Venus).

And, what’s especially interesting, is that there were four of these fireball events across the country last night – not something that is a regular occurrence.  Here’s a snapshot from a NASA camera of how one fireball looked as it moved across the sky over Tennessee:

Fireball over the town of Lutts, TN around 9:30 PM ET on 9/23 (Credit: NASA).

Fireball over the town of Lutts, TN around 9:30 PM ET on 9/23 (Credit: NASA).

To learn more about fireballs and last night’s sightings, take a look at this NASA site and also the American Meteor Society’s page.

Climate change

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global climate

Anytime anyone brings up those two words a political firestorm begins with strong opinions on both sides ignited and the problem becomes are we really all on the same page and talking about the same thing? I bring this topic up because of the recent United Nations Summit on ‘Climate Change’.  While I believe it’s healthy to have a discussion about this I believe sometimes we get too tied up in the human side of things and not the science.

While there seems to be overwhelming evidence that the global temperatures have gone up at an alarming rate there are a number of variables that may be pushing these temperatures up. One of course and the main focus on any political summit would be the human aspect which is plays into this process. While that is very much an issue and while humans do contribute a great deal to this rapid warm up there are also other climate factors that scientists are studying.

One of these factors is called natural variability. Climate scientists look at climate change over thousands of years. This variability can occur over time because of interaction between the atmosphere, land and ocean. Take a look at the changes that have occurred in Vostok, Antarctica.

Alaska change

These changes have taken place over a 420,000 year period near Antarctica. You can see that natural variability does play a large role in climate change.

However, I believe what scientists are looking at now is the rapid acceleration of these climate change events. Are humans to blame 100% on this issue? They certainly may be creating a long lasting impact on changes occurring on our earth and it is good to have these discussions about the world we live in.

Sunshine, warmth = not a bad combo

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The day got off to a cold start today with temps near 40, but that’s the coldest we’re going to be all week.  Both low and high temps are headed up in the days to come, with our daytime highs enjoying a nice boost from the nearly unlimited sunshine we’ll see.

9/23 Weather Stats

9/23 Weather Stats

Our average high temps are now in the low 70s as we head into late September.  For today, the average low is 73° and we’ll be above that mark every afternoon through, at least, early next week.

Pleasant September warmth lies ahead.

Pleasant September warmth lies ahead.

We find ourselves in the midst of such a quiet forecast because we are under the solid influence of high pressure in the days ahead.  It brings sinking air (few clouds) and keeps our winds from getting stirred up.  This is the pattern that will be in place through early next week.  It will be steering any rain away from us that attempts to make an approach.

An area of high pressure is the main feature that is affecting our weather this week.

An area of high pressure is the main feature that is affecting our weather this week.

The reality is…fall is here

September 22nd, 2014 at 9:27 pm by under Weather

Arriving with the fall equinox tonight at 10:29 pm, the season of fall is officially here and it gets off to a quite cold start on Tuesday morning with lows dropping as far as the upper 30s in some spots.

Tuesday Morning Temps

Tuesday Morning Temps

While fall statistically means gradually falling high temperatures, from the mid 70s to to the mid 30s, our temps this week will be on the rise.  From low-mid 60s today to the upper 70s by Friday.  You can also expect to see lots of sunshine this week.

Of course, sunlight this time of year is fleeting.  The equinox signals that, in the days ahead, the amount of darkness will become longer than the amount of daylight.  Over these next 3 months until the winter solstice (when daylight will be on its way to increasing), we’ll lose nearly 2 hours and 57 minutes of sunlight – that’s about 2 min. a day.

Some fall facts for you

Some fall facts for you

Fall may be more like summer

September 22nd, 2014 at 10:38 am by under Weather
Climate Prediction Center 6 to 10 day forecast for September 27 through October 1

Climate Prediction Center 6 to 10 day forecast for September 27 through October 1

Just a couple of weeks ago we were showing you graphics that would put temperatures will below normal, now as astronomical fall begins it sure looks like tides have turned. Now we are seeing where the new Climate Prediction Center Forecast has temperatures well above the average. This makes sense as we are headed toward an above average siege of weather especially toward the end of our work week and through the weekend. This outlook extends this period through the end of the month and the beginning of September.

Storm reports from Saturday

September 21st, 2014 at 3:23 pm by under Weather

The line of storms that moved through the area Saturday afternoon/evening brought along some problems. Many of the damaging wind reports were found to the west of Fort Wayne. Here’s a look at some of the reports the National Weather Service received.

0541 PM     TSTM WND DMG     LIGONIER                41.47N  85.58W
09/20/2014                   NOBLE              IN   911 CALL CENTER


0542 PM     TSTM WND GST     2 N NORTH WEBSTER       41.36N  85.70W
09/20/2014  E60 MPH          KOSCIUSKO          IN   NWS OFFICE

0546 PM     TSTM WND DMG     2 NE COSPERVILLE        41.50N  85.45W
09/20/2014                   NOBLE              IN   911 CALL CENTER

            LARGE TREE DOWN AT CR 125 W AND 1050 N

0550 PM     TSTM WND DMG     2 W WAWAKA              41.46N  85.52W
09/20/2014                   NOBLE              IN   911 CALL CENTER

            LARGE TREE DOWN AT CR 525 W...SOUTH OF US 6

0551 PM     TSTM WND DMG     WOLCOTTVILLE            41.53N  85.37W
09/20/2014                   NOBLE              IN   PUBLIC


0553 PM     TSTM WND DMG     2 WSW ROME CITY         41.48N  85.41W
09/20/2014                   NOBLE              IN   911 CALL CENTER


0558 PM     TSTM WND GST     6 NW COLUMBIA CITY      41.22N  85.57W
09/20/2014  E60 MPH          WHITLEY            IN   EMERGENCY MNGR


0558 PM     TSTM WND DMG     WAYNE CENTER            41.49N  85.25W
09/20/2014                   NOBLE              IN   911 CALL CENTER


0600 PM     TSTM WND DMG     STROH                   41.58N  85.20W
09/20/2014                   LAGRANGE           IN   EMERGENCY MNGR

First day of fall

September 21st, 2014 at 8:08 am by under Weather

It’s almost here! Autumnal equinox occurs Monday the 22nd at 10:29 pm. That will make Tuesday the first full day of fall. The forecast for the first week of fall looks incredible with lots of sunshine, comfortable temperatures and even some warmth working in by the middle and end of next week.

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